Basic information in English

This site presents basic information on National Society of Judicial Assistants („Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Asystentów Sędziów”, also abbreviated: „OSAS”), an organisation that associates lawyers who work as judges’ assistants in the Polish courts.

The organisation’s structure is determined by the Articles of association („Statut”). There are three association’s authorities:

    1. The Members’ General Assembly („Walne Zebranie Członków”),
    2. The Board („Zarząd”), and
    3. The Auditing Committee („Komisja Rewizyjna”).

One can be a Full member („Członek Zwyczajny”), an Associate member („Członek wspierający działalność Stowarzyszenia”), or an Honorary member („Członek honorowy”) of our association. To put it simply, only full members are currently working as judicial assistants.

For those interested in the scope of assistant’s responsibilities, we recommend an Wikipedia article in English, or a short information sheet available on The European e-Justice Portal.

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